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How to Choose the Best Wall mounted Split ac in U.A.E

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Living in Dubai, there are just some things you grow accustomed to. Delicious food and beautiful scenery are some of the good stuff. 
Hot weather?
Unless you’re at Kite Beach, maybe not so much. If you don’t have a central air conditioning system or a ducted ac system, a ductless wall mount split system air conditioner may be a good alternative. They’re unobtrusive, low-maintenance, and quiet, compared to central air units. But, how do you choose the best split ac in the U.A.E? That’s where we come in.

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Here are some of our tips for finding the best wall-mounted split-type air conditioners. 


Initially, a wall-mounted decorative split ac is a little more costly than a window unit. Also, it usually requires professional installation, which will also bump up your bill. But, they also cause a huge drop in your electric bills. On top of that, they also last much longer and require less maintenance than central air units
When shopping for split ac, make sure you’re finding one that will save you money. Compare prices of installation, unit cost, and your current (or would be) energy bills. 

Multi-Split AC or Multi Split System Air Conditioner 

One way to maximize the use of your split system is to opt for one with a multi-split. In all split systems, there is an indoor and outdoor unit. You would install the outdoor unit outside or near the wall of the room you wish to cool. 
But, you can add more than one indoor unit to work in conjunction with an outdoor unit. You can cool several rooms at once or use multi-splits to cool down a large room. 


When buying a split system, you’ll notice two options for the opening of the louvers. Commonly, an air conditioning unit will open downwards. This causes the air to fall directly overhead a person. 
Additionally, you should look for one that has the ability to open upwards, as well. This moves the airflow to the top of the room, causing it to have a more enjoyable feeling. 

Cooling Gas

You should consider the kind of cooling gas that goes into a split air conditioner. Some gases will be more eco-friendly and faster than others. It’s refrigerant, R410A, is known for its reduction in hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC).
That means that it doesn’t have any direct effects on ozone depletion. It’s now becoming a standard in the air conditioning industry. 


A split AC with a hyper tropical spec means the unit has a very powerful compressor. For one, it has an extra layer of hydrophilic coating, which helps protect against rust. Also, a laminated core improves the torque motor. 
These compressors can run on low voltage and have a much higher energy efficiency ratio (EER). Along with durability, a hyper tropical spec is much quieter than other models. 

Since 2020, Higher Energy Star Rating Split ACs are becoming more popular in U.A.E

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Popular Ductless Split AC Brands of 2021 in the U.A.E

Our Recommendation

We recommend buying an inverter split ac from a reputable brand with a 5-10 years warranty.

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Major Aircon Brands in the U.A.E

The All-time Popular Air Conditioning Brands in UAE are:

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Split Air Conditioning Repair, Supply, Fault Diagnosis, and More- 

A split air conditioner is convenient, durable, and fulfills your cooling needs.

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