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AC Repair in Dubai

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5 Things to Know Before Calling AC Repair in Dubai
Have you been unlucky enough to experience a problem with your home air conditioning? Here are 5 things to know before calling AC repair.

It’s incredibly irritating when your air conditioner breaks down on one of the hottest days of the year.

If you don’t service your system once a year as recommended, you could […]

Best Air Conditioning Company in Dubai

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How to Stay Cool with the Best Air Conditioning Company in Dubai
How to Stay Cool with the Best Air Conditioning Company
Are you someone who has had the misfortune of having your air conditioning break? Here’s how to stay cool with the best air conditioning company.

Is it time to install a new air conditioner in your home or office?

Uncertain of how […]

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

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How Does Duct Cleaning Service Work?
Routine duct cleaning cuts down on costs and indoor air pollution. But how does duct cleaning work? We’re revealing how in our latest post.

What’s more important that the air you breathe? Besides food, water and sleep, there’s really nothing else that can compete.

But did you know there could be impurities spewing out of your AC […]

What Are the Benefits of Large Air Conditioning Supply?

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What Are the Benefits of Large Air Conditioning Supply?
Are you melting away in your office or commercial building? It’s time to seriously consider the benefits of using a large air conditioning supply company.

So, you’re sick and tired of melting at work every day, but you’re not exactly sure if forking over the money for large air conditioning supply is entirely […]

Hvac preventative maintenance checklist

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HVAC System Maintenance Requirements

Keeping your HVAC hardware in decent shape can spare you more than cash and time; it can spare your rational soundness. Envision relaxing in your agreeable home in the dead of winter when your warmth pump comes up short or get ready for a late spring party when your ventilation system glitches. Scrambling to discover an expert […]

CCTV Camera Installation

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CCTV Camera Installation


security surveillance




CCTV Camera and lens security surveillance

Fixed Minidooms CCTV Cameras

• Special CCTV camera for indoor installation.

• No adjustment required.

• Easy installation on ceiling.

• Night […]

5 Causes of AC Leaking AC

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5 Causes of AC Leaking AC

Your AC is Leaking Water? Water Coming from your AC? Leaking AC damaged your Ceiling?
check out these five common reasons as to why!
1. Outside Temperatures Are Causing a Leaking AC Unit

One of the causes of a leaking AC unit could be that the outside temperatures are cold. When outside temperatures begin to drop, your AC unit can begin to produce […]

Air Conditioning Cleaning

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AC cleaning and it’s important

You cannot do everything; just a professional can test the coolant level. In this article, we will demonstrate you how to clean the air unit (termed as condenser) and the indoor unit (termed as evaporator). These steps are very basic and clear that will take you just a couple of hours aggregate. You do not need […]

Air Conditioning Repair Services

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The Little-Known Secrets to AC Repair Dubai

In regards to your car AC, there’s also our health to think about. If your AC isn’t cooling and there’s an issue in it, our professionals will fix the matter and suggest the proper service for your AC issue. The most frequent sorts are room AC.

The purchase price is extremely reasonable in respect of […]

Facts About Air Conditioning

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AC Maintenance | Secrets That No One Else Knows About
The Hidden Facts about AC Maintenance in Dubai

It’s possible to pay an expert to repair this, or you could repair AC on your own and spend less. Mid efficiency central AC employs R 410 A for a refrigerant. Most often, individuals become baffled, while settling on the most suitable AC […]