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SKM Air Conditioners
SKM Air Conditioners

A Product Breakdown of SKM Air Conditioners

SKM air conditioners are top of the line and offer many options for your specific needs. Here is a brief overview of all of our products.

Air conditioning is one of the single most important things in a commercial building.  Would you want to be uncomfortable entering a building after just being outside in the hot sun? 
SKM air conditioners are top of the line and offer many options for your specific needs. Here is a brief overview of all our products.

Split Air Conditioning Units 

Split Air Conditioning allows you to have a suspended unit on the ceiling indoors while having a floor-mounted outdoor unit as well. This gives you the best split system performance of any air conditioner on the market. 

This product comes with two model choices, the ACUM-L + CADX-L 50 Hz: R22 and the AUMR + CADX-A 50 Hz: R410A. They each come with many variations that cover a range from 15 to 75 kW power. 

You can safely operate split air conditioning units in a location with outdoor temperatures that range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Installing these units is relatively straightforward because of the internal wiring. The work can be done efficiently and is cost-effective. 

SKM Package AC units are the most selling and efficient type of package type air conditioners in the UAE


If your commercial building has a swimming pool, you are going to need a Swimpool unit. The Swimpool unit draws air from the swimming pool area and then takes it through dehumidification coils. This removes the heat and all of the moisture from the air. 

From there, the air goes through several other systems. This ensures that the air goes back into the pool area at the correct temperature. 

The Swimpool Unit: R22 is a very well-designed system. It is an economical method for controlling your pool environment. You are helping the environment as well as saving a lot of money by preventing your building from having maintenance problems.

A lot of maintenance problems can arise in the feature if you do not use the correct commercial HVAC system. 

Fan Coil Units 

If you need a one-stop-shop for a commercial HVAC unit, the Fan Coil unit is it. The fan coil unit can meet all your air conditioning requirements plus more.

SKM fan coil units are low noise 3-speed units. They can also be versatile when it comes to configuration and accessories.

Does your building value being eco-friendly? The Hi-Static FCU and EC FUC Standard and District Cooling units are known to be the most eco-friendly units available.  

Lo-Static FCU- Standard and District Cooling units are built to sustain a high heat ratio. A building that is located in a hot climate, benefits greatly from one of these systems. 

SKM Fan Coil Units Chilled Water- Standard and District Cooling Units are an option if you are looking for a system with a low operating cost. They also have energy-efficient fan motors. Another feature is that they can withstand high ambient heat.

The last Fan Coil unit that is available is a DFS Series- Chilled Water- Cassette Type. Apartments, offices, hotels, or even stores often have a central plant supplying fresh cold water. If that is the case in your building, a DFC Decorative Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit is the best air conditioning unit for your commercial space. 

Astechitally, they also look very nice and are a sleek and compact way to have the unit fit any decor. Looking at the specs, the airflow range is 300-1700 cm. 

Ducted Mini Split System 

With an SKM Ducted Mini-split system, there are two parts. There is a top and a side discharge air delivery system. These systems work the best in smaller commercial spaces. 

Looking at the specs of the duct mini-split systems, you will find that they are all suited for living an eco-friendly life. They are also great for saving space and having an enjoyable exterior view. 

The SKM Split ACs are good for operation in a variety of temperatures. Ranging from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The kW ranges from 1.5 TR to 5 TR throughout the different models. 

Condensing Units 

Condensing units are going to be most beneficial for buildings such as large schools, warehouses, and mosques. Connecting the indoor air conditioning unit to the condensing unit creates the perfect HVAC system. 

The systems are installed on the ground level or up on the rooftop. Making condensing units designed to withstand high heat. Condensing units meet the requirements of the Gulf’s severe climatic conditions.

The SKM condensing units have the widest variety of configurations for you to choose from. These air-cooled condensing units range from 5 TR to 145 TR. You can customize them even further by choosing from series such as ACUVD, PACS, and ACUVS.  

Decorative Air Conditioning Units 

Say you have something like upscale office space, a hospital, or a sporting center. Having a decorative air conditioning unit provides high-efficiency cooling with beautiful decor.

Another benefit to these air conditioning units is that they have low noise. You want your room to be esthetically pleasing as well as noise-free. You can also save space with the compact design to ensure that no windows or living space is impeded. 

The Mini-split: R22 has the option for hi-wall mounted, free-standing, or floor or ceiling mounted. Other available units are wall-mounted high-efficiency ductless units and tropical wall-mounted ductless units.  

Conclusion about SKM

Amassed satisfied customers that rely on services of good air conditioning experience. With our research, we found that some of the additional assets that customers talked about SKM Products are:

  • It Well adjusts with the interior.
  • Good cooling and effective temperature regulation.
  • The high-quality material used, like motors, sites, fans, etc.
  • These enable less consumption of energy and low maintenance.
  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable prices

SKM Air Conditioners Available For You! 

Whatever your needs are for commercial air conditioning, SKM Air Conditioning LLC can get you high-quality equipment. SKM is one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC systems in the Gulf.

SKM air conditioners are going to be high quality and have your satisfaction as the customer top of mind. 

Call us today and find out which air conditioning unit is going to be best for you! 

Where to Buy the SKM Air Conditioner from?

You can have a look at SKM product line and get the best assistance from experts. The air conditioner is a big deal and you cannot buy it from anywhere. Getting a trustworthy piece is as important as inquiring about the model. You can get the best deal from here.