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Best Air Conditioner in U.A.E

Are you looking for the Best Air conditioning Brand in U.A.E?

Best Air Conditioner in U.A.E

Do you know what’s the best selling air conditioner in Dubai?

Well, in this article we will cover the best selling air conditioner brand and the comparison measures involved in our final verdict of best ac in Dubai are as follows:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Guarantees

well, almost all of the air conditioning brands fit on the above factors as they want to be the best in U.A.E, however, sometimes it is the trend of customers which sets a specific brand on top ratings, in our opinion it’s, the marketing strategies and customer service of any brand which outstands it from other competitors.

Major Airconditioning Brands in U.A.E

The Famous Air Conditioning Brands in UAE are:

Final Verdict

We have found the distribution, price ranges, and customer satisfaction brings O General Air Conditioners on top of our list.

We have found the distribution, price ranges, and customer satisfaction brings O General Air Conditioners on top of our list.
Below are some of the Features of O General Split AC Models:

Below are some of the Features of O General Split AC Models:


  • Airflow 30% higher
  • New super cooling
  • Direct airflow from the top
  • High-efficiency fan motor
  • 15M Long-reach airflow
  • Large power diffuser
  • High energy efficiency
  • EER is improved by energy-saving design.
  • Double auto swing


5-speed control provides a variety of airflow and quiet operation

  • Powerful
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Quiet


A new model realizes the high performance and energy-saving which are more suitable for tropical climate.


New Quiet mode realizes a quiet environment in the night time. It is useful for the bedroom, etc.
And also the sound of the outdoor unit is reduced by adopting a rotary compressor and a quiet fan.


Airflow is 30% or 28% stronger than the current model.

Looking for a Mover in Dubai?

o general dubai


  • Multi-Type Systems
  • Duct Type
  • Cassette Type
  • Floor/Ceiling Universal Type Ceiling (large) Type
  • Window Type
  • Ceiling Wall Type
  • Wall Mounted Type


  • Designed by Fujitsu General long term experience on air-conditioner field Superpower More capacity than old models under overload condition (52°C).
  • Super low voltage operation.
  • Our Hyper Tropical Compressor can be operated even at low voltage.
  • Super Hi-EER Highly energy efficiency Super quiet Select the lower noise level.

MEGA PROTECTION (for Cooling type)

Enhancement of protection function Strong bluefin. Adoption of the strong bluefin provides
strong protection against rust and salt damage


Adoption of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and high-performance air conditioners (Reference to 2011 JRAIA Report) Because refrigerant R22 depletes the ozone layer, we adopt new refrigerant R410A for our products. R410A is high-performance and ODP is 0. In addition, high
performance can be maintained even at high outdoor temperatures.


  • Improvement of compressor drive materials for greater durability (Hardness increased).
  • Use of high efficiency, high torque motor
  • Complete protection functions against abnormal temperature rise and abnormal pressure rise

O General ac price in U.A.E

1 ton split ac price = DHS
1.5 ton split ac price = 2,800.00 DHS
2 ton split ac price = 3,200.00 DHS
2.5 ton split ac price = 4,200.00 DHS
3 ton split ac price = 5,200.00 DHS
1.5 ton window ac price = 1,900.00 DHS
2 ton window ac price = 2,300.00 DHS

Dubai Air Conditioning Company

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Split AC Dubai

O General Split AC is really famous in Dubai, as their dealers, distributors, and air conditioner supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi are big in numbers and provides instant delivery services and not only that they have almost always stock available for Split, ducted and window ACs.

O General Wall Mounted Split AC Range

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