How to Buy the Right AC Unit in Dubai

The best trick to beating the heat is having the right AC unit for your home.

Here’s a quick guide to help find the right AC in Dubai for your home.

Right AC Unit for You
Select the best air conditioner which suits you

Dubai is a great place to live. From the beautiful waterfront vistas to the exciting downtown, it’s hard to ask for more. That said, there’s no denying that Dubai is hot. In the warmest months of the year, the average daily temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. Even in the winter, highs can be around 25 degrees. With heat like that, the Right AC Unit in Dubai is a necessity. How can you make sure that you’re getting the right AC solution for your building in Dubai?
Here are our top tips for purchasing the right kind of air conditioning to keep you cool, even when Dubai is hot.

Types of AC in Dubai

First of all, it’s important to recognize that not all air conditioning is created equal. There are different choices that work better for certain spaces and budgets.

O General Window AC

One of the easiest types of AC to install is the window air conditioner. These units can be easily set up in most windows in your home. These units are also significantly cheaper than other options.

That said, window units do have their drawbacks. They tend to be noisy, and energy inefficient. Additionally, they aren’t able to cool large spaces, so it is better to use them in smaller areas.

Split AC Dubai

For a more expensive, but more comprehensive option, you might consider a split air conditioning system.

These systems are called split because they consist of two components: an indoor unit that blows cold air, and a compressor that is kept outside.

While these air conditioning units are more complicated to install, they can cool wider areas, and are more energy-efficient.

The Best Split Air Conditioners in 2022

O General Ducted split AC

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted split air conditioners are one of the most durable for a medium to large space (residential and commercial) to provide most efficient cooling than any other type of air conditioner

VRF Systems

Package Units

Determine your BTU needs

Determine your BTU needs

A major factor in choosing an air conditioning unit is considering how much energy it will take to cool your space.

The power of an air conditioning unit is measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. Essentially, the larger the area you are trying to cool, the more BTUs you will need to properly cool it.

That said, size isn’t the only factor that determines how many BTUs you will need. Other factors, like climate, also play a role.

For instance, a room with several windows that the sun shines into all day will get hotter faster and will need more BTUs to cool down than a room that is generally dark.

Additionally, climates like Dubai often demand air conditioning units with higher BTUs. Since it is so warm year-round, it is necessary to get a system that has more power and capability.

Consider Other Features

When it comes to air conditioning, most people just think about the temperature of the air. While this is important, it only scratches the surface of what air conditioning systems can do.

Many newer air conditioning systems are able to filter the air, and can thereby remove allergens and other irritants.

It’s also to consider factors like maintenance for your air conditioner.

Some air conditioning units have condensers that fill with water and need to be emptied periodically. Most have air filters that need to be changed regularly, but some need to be changed more than others.

Ultimately, when it comes to getting AC in Dubai, the most important thing is that you consider the needs of your space, and you choose a unit that meets those needs.

right AC unit for you

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