Gree Air Conditioners

A Review of Gree Air Conditioners

A Review of Gree Air Conditioners

The HVAC market in the UAE is projected to reach $1.4 billion by 2024. Choosing the right AC system to keep your home cool is essential in the heat of Dubai’s summer months. If your air conditioner is getting old or malfunctioning, it’s time to consider an upgrade. The ideal air conditioner is energy-efficient, quiet, and works well for the size of your space. In this review, we will explore Gree air conditioners. We’ll be taking a deep dive into their features, functionality, and energy efficiency.

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Gree Air Conditioners

Gree Air Conditioners: An Overview

Gree is one of the biggest and most advanced manufacturers of home appliances. The company was founded in Zhuhai, China. They have partnerships with other well-known manufacturers like Daikin.

Gree may not be a household name like other manufacturers such as Carrier and Trane. However, they are a low-cost alternative to other brands with comparable quality.

Gree is known for manufacturing many different types of air conditioners. For this reason, they are suitable for homes and businesses of all sizes. 

Pros and Cons of Gree Air Conditioners

Whether a Gree AC system is right for you depends on your specific needs. But there are some drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing a new AC unit from Gree.


Regardless of what kind of building you’re trying to cool, Gree produces an air conditioner for it. They have products for single rooms as well as large commercial buildings.

In homes that aren’t suited for ductwork, Gree is a good option for a ductless mini-split system. The Sapphire model, for example, has an excellent efficiency rating.

Gree also manufactures “smart” appliances that have WiFi capability. You can control these systems remotely using a tablet or smartphone.

Another advantage to Gree air conditioners is the “turbo mode.” This function quickly brings a room to a comfortable temperature. Once the room is cooled, the AC unit returns to its regular cooling speed.

Gree air conditioners often come with warranties through their approved vendors as well.


Although Gree is a good choice in many regards, they do have some problems. The biggest issue is how complicated their warranty system is.

To get repairs and maintenance covered by the warranty, they must be performed by a contractor approved by Gree. Technicians working on your HVAC system also need the appropriate license to be within the warranty. Parts and equipment have to be purchased from an approved supplier.

In addition to the difficulty of using the warranty, they are usually shorter than the warranties of some other brands. Be sure to carefully review the warranty agreement when buying an air conditioner.

Another factor to consider is the up-front cost. Gree offers a lot of value, but the price of installing the system may be higher than other brands. 

Finally, the ductless systems Gree manufactures are mostly wall-mounted. Similar brands often make mini-split systems that can be mounted on the floor or ceiling, which some people prefer aesthetically.

How Does Gree Compare to Other Brands?

There are several comparisons you should make when shopping for your air conditioning system. Let’s take a closer look at how Gree holds up against other AC manufacturers.


The first thing you should consider in making your decision is the cost. While Gree has a higher initial cost than some brands, you can often save money in the long run with lower operating costs.

Gree is less expensive than the higher-end HVAC brands like Trane but is also cheaper than many brands of similar quality.

Energy Efficiency

To gauge how efficient an air conditioner is, look at its energy efficiency ratio, or EER. The EER is a ratio of how much energy a unit uses versus how much it cools a space.

With their smaller ductless systems, Gree air conditioners are better than many competitors in energy usage. However, their larger systems are often inefficient and use more energy than similar units.

For most homes, Gree has suitable AC units with a decent EER. Excluding their largest commercial units, Gree air conditioners mostly have an EER above 16.

Cooling Power

In addition to the EER, another important number to consider is the British thermal unit or BTU. This number represents how much space a unit can cool or heat.

Gree offers units with a higher BTU than similar competitors, with its largest commercial units reaching BTU levels up to 42,000. When choosing an air conditioner, the general rule for BTU is 1,000 for every 20 square feet.

Highest Rated Models

Beyond choosing a brand of air conditioner, you also have to narrow down the specific model you want. We’ve included Gree’s highest-rated air conditioners and their features.


For residential spaces, the Sapphire is a great choice because of its EER of up to 38. The Sapphire is a small wall-mounted mini-split.

For larger homes, you can link multiple units to the same outdoor compressor. However, this model may not be right for larger spaces or homes with many rooms.

This model comes with many bells and whistles like WiFi and diagnostics. It also features an “I-Feel” function which allows it to get a more accurate temperature reading from the remote control.


The Multi21+ is a multiple zone ductless mini-split that can cool up to five zones. The unit comes in different sizes, making it a good fit for residential or light commercial applications.

This model of air conditioner also features a reusable filter and adjustable fan speeds.

The Bottom Line On Gree

Gree air conditioners come in many different sizes, so they are a good option for home or business use. They compare well with competitors in price and energy efficiency and offer warranties.

If you’re shopping for an air conditioning system, contact us today to find out which one is right for you! 

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