VRF system suppliers in Dubai

What You Need to Know About VRF System Suppliers in Dubai

If you’re looking to learn more about VRF and VRV systems, we have you covered. Continue reading for all you need to know about VRF system suppliers in Dubai.

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Air conditioning is a fact of life in the UAE. Are you looking for a more efficient air conditioning option?
Have you considered VRF or VRV?
You have many VRF system suppliers in Dubai. How do you know which one to choose?

Find out more about VRF technology and the best system suppliers for your air conditioning needs.

Carrier VRF systems

VRF vs VRV Technology

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume. In fact, these two names describe the same HVAC technology.

Daikin copyrighted the term VRV and launched the first VRV air conditioning system in 1982. Other companies that use the same technology call it VRF. Many brands use the term VRF, which is why you see VRF more often than VRV.

How Does VRF/VRV Work?

Variant refrigerant flow systems are increasingly popular in Dubai because of their energy efficiency. VRF technology is a sophisticated type of ductless HVAC system.

VRF Design

A VRF system has a single outdoor condenser unit that services multiple indoor units. Each inside unit lets you control the temperature of a zone in the building. Refrigerant piping and communication wiring run from the outdoor unit to each indoor one.

Refrigerant circulates between an evaporator in each indoor unit and a condenser in the outdoor unit. Heat transfers to and from the refrigerant and the indoor or outdoor air.

The branch selector control system allows for precise control of each indoor unit.

When you set the temperature for an indoor zone, the system calculates how to get to that temperature with the most efficient power consumption. It combines input from the user with information about the current temperature.

The outdoor unit adjusts the refrigerant volume and temperature based on the total demand from all the indoor units. It saves energy by only supplying the cooling or heating that’s necessary.

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Variable Refrigerant Flow vs Conventional Air Conditioning

On the surface, VRF systems may seem like conventional air conditioning. VRF and conventional systems use refrigerant-filled coils to cool the air. They both use an external condenser unit to turn the heated refrigerant back to a liquid and release its heat.

However, the two types of systems differ in important ways. A conventional air conditioner has a single indoor fan coil unit. A blower system sends this cool air through the HVAC ducts in your home or business.

This design leads to inefficiencies. The system is cooling all the rooms whether or not anyone is using them. In addition, the air may not be evenly distributed.

A VRF system is ductless. It transfers heat by circulating refrigerant to evaporators located in or near individual zones.

VRF technology uses multiple indoor units (fan coils). You can control the amount of cooling each zone of your home gets. You get better indoor comfort without paying to cool unused areas.

Types of VRF Systems

There are three types of VRF systems: cooling-only, heat pump, and heat recovery.

As their name states, cooling-only systems can only cool. Heating isn’t an option. These types of systems are less popular because they don’t give you as many temperature options.

Heat pump systems are the most popular type of VRF system. Each indoor unit can either heat or cool. However, the indoor units in use must all be either heating or cooling.

Heat recovery systems are the most advanced systems. Heating and cooling are available for each indoor unit independently. All the indoor units don’t have to be using the same function.

Advantages of a VRF System

A VRF system gives you several advantages over other HVAC options. First, they’re very efficient. You can significantly reduce your energy bills and offset the initial cost of installing the system.

You can configure VRF systems in many ways. They can fit into architecturally challenging spaces.

VRF technology is quieter than traditional air conditioning. In addition, VRF systems have a smaller footprint and require fewer outdoor units. Long piping is possible, which makes VRF an option for large buildings.

Finally, you get better indoor comfort.

To get the most benefit from your VRF system, you need the best VRF system supplier. You have several VRF system suppliers in Dubai to choose from. They’re among the top manufacturers by market share.

For the best of the best, however, we have a shorter list. Here are the best VRF and VRV suppliers in Dubai.

The Best VRF in Dubai

We have two recommendations for the best variable refrigerant flow suppliers in Dubai: Carrier and LG. They offer a range of features and great performance.

Carrier VRF Systems

Carrier is a leading player in the global air conditioning market. The company partners with Toshiba for their VRF systems.

Carrier’s XPower VRF system can power up to 64 indoor units with a single outdoor unit. The capacity of a single unit ranges from 4hp to 20hp.

Heat recovery and variable refrigerant flow let you heat and cool different zones at the same time. You get greater energy efficiency because energy that would have been wasted is used in another zone.

Carrier gives you many options for configuring your system. The equipment takes up less space, and longer pipe lengths are possible. You can easily adapt the system if your usage needs to change.

Daikin VRV Systems

In 1982 Daikin launched the VRV air conditioning system, not to mention that Daikin introduced the variable refrigerant flow control system. Daikin technology made it possible to use/ circulate the merest amount of refrigerant or freon for individual temperature control of an air conditioning zones. VRV stands for “Variable Refrigerant Volume.”

Daikin has combined advanced technologies for better energy efficiency moreover merging VAV, VRV, and VRT, they have accomplished energy savings and convenient air conditioning

By uniting advanced software and hardware technologies for more significant energy savings during actual operation and combining VRV, VRT, and VAV technologies, we have attained both energy savings and comfortable air conditioning.

LG VRF Systems (Multi V)

LG VRF systems have advanced smart load control. This feature automatically adjusts target pressures based on the outdoor temperature and humidity. The refrigerant level adjusts automatically for greater efficiency.

The units are compact and lightweight. You can power more indoor zones while taking up less outdoor space.

LG Multi V systems are some of the quietest in the industry. The high-efficiency inverter scroll compressor operates with low vibration and less noise.

LG VRF systems can improve your indoor air quality. They have a reusable, washable filter. The system is ductless, so you avoid dust and duct mold.

A variable refrigerant flow system from Carrier or LG will give you reliability and efficient performance.

The Best VRV in Dubai

We recommend Daikin as the best variable refrigerant volume supplier in Dubai. Daikin invented VRV technology in the early 1980s. They continue to innovate and improve their products.

Daikin commercial systems let you connect up to 64 indoor units to one outdoor unit. Installation is easier because installers can reuse some components. The technicians replace the indoor and outdoor units, but they can reuse parts like the pipes.

Residential systems have up to nine indoor units for one outdoor unit. You can choose from a variety of styles of indoor units. A comfort wall-mounted unit, concealed floor-standing unit, and a low-profile VISTA cassette unit are some of the options.

Daikin specifically developed systems for the Middle East. They offer products that work efficiently in climates that reach 50ºC or hotter.

Finding the Best VRF System Suppliers in Dubai

You’ll notice the difference when you install a variable refrigerant flow or variable refrigerant volume system in your Dubai home or business. The best VRF system suppliers in Dubai include Carrier, LG, and Daikin.

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Carrier VRF

VRV / VRF Advantages

  • Energy Saving Operations
  • Individual Controls
  • Adaptable Design
  • Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
  • Reliability, Flexibility, and Comfort
  • Powerful Air Conditioning System
  • Sustainable Energy

VRF Are Suitable For:

  • Educational Complexes
  • Schools & Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Historic Buildings/ Sites:
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels & More
  • Multi-Family Homes:
  • Offices & Showrooms
  • Mixed-Use Facilities
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Malls, Cinemas, Auditoriums and more