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What Is a Package AC and How Is It Used in Dubai?

Are you familiar with a package AC in Dubai? You can read about them here to see which options might be best for your needs.

Did you know that the highest average temperature in Dubai between 1991 and 2020 was 107 degrees in August and July? Following this, the most elevated average temperatures between these years were 104 degrees in June and 103 degrees in September. If you’re experiencing significant heat in Dubai, you might suffer and sweat significantly. Fortunately, a packaged AC can help.
In this article, we’ll review what a package AC is, how it works, where you can use it, and which famous package AC brands are available in the United Arab Emirates.
Finally, you can cool off and enjoy the indoors again. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Package Unit AC?

A package AC unit is an air conditioning system type. In this type of unit, all the parts are conveniently located in the exact location. This is different from standard AC systems because they usually have one indoor and one outdoor unit.

The air handler, coils, and compressor are within the same single-box cabinet with package air conditioners. 

How Does an AC Package Work?

The package unit’s internal components cycle the refrigerant using electricity as a power source. The package unit has a fan that will pull the warm air in. After this, the AC will pass the warm air over the coil.

This is a cold evaporator coil. So when this process occurs, the AC unit cools the warm air. Then, through ducts in your home, the package air conditioner will push the dehumidified, cool air into your home’s various spaces.

This will occur through ductwork that’s specifically set up 

Where Are Packaged Air Conditioners Used?

The package air conditioner will usually be installed on your home, on the ceiling of the building, or a slab of cement outside of your home. Additionally, if you have a small amount of indoor space or don’t have much underground area, it makes sense to get this type of unit.

Famous Pack AC Options Available in the UAE

If you’re looking for the best package AC in the UAE, some brands are making package-type air conditioners you should check out. These brands include Midea, Carrier, Daikin, LG, Rheem, SKM, and Torsten.

Midea Package Unit

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The Midea Package AC 36000—360000 BTU has several features, including anti-corrosion treatment. This makes the AC unit suitable for areas by the seaside or regions that experience acidic substance exposure.

This AC unit also has a reliable scroll compressor. It also has fewer moving parts, a lightweight design, and is compact.

The Midea package AC also has a temperature sensor and alow/high-pressure switch protection. Also, it’s possible to customize the three-phase protector.

It’s also easy to install. On the electrical box, there’s a removable access door. You only need to connect the power supply wires. There’s also a reserved external drainage port.


Carrier Package unit

Another package AC brand you can buy in the United Arab Emirates is Carrier. There are three different products available. One of these is the Desert Master 50ZPM, which has a capacity range between 3.0 and 5.0 tons, an R-410A refrigerant, and an EER/SEER efficiency of 11.60.

Another one is the Desert Master 50TCM. This AC unit has a capacity range of between 6.0 and 12.50 tons, an R-410A refrigerant, and an EER/SEER efficiency of 11.00 to 12.50.

Finally, there’s the Desert Master 50TJM. This AC unit has a capacity range of between 15.00 and 27.00 tons, an R-410A refrigerant, and an EER/SEER efficiency of 10.48 to 11.71.


Daikin PAckage AC

Daikin has two different series of package AC units. One of these is the Rooftop Series. The units in this series have high efficiency, a cooling energy-saving option that’s free, fresh air ventilation, and a simple installation process they call “plug and play.”

Daikin also has the UATQ-C Series of package AC units. These units all have several features.

One of these features is high efficiency. This high efficiency is caused by the units’ high-performing fans, optimized heat exchangers, and high-efficiency scroll compressors.

They also have a high ambient design. This means that they’ll deliver top performance in high ambient and standard temperature conditions.

Additionally, they have third-party-proven performances. The energy efficiency and cooling performance of their systems are verified and tested. An internationally-accredited laboratory carries out these tests and verifications.

They also have a wide operation range, have an auto random restart feature, they’re light and compact, and you can check their pressure without having to open the unit.

There’s also a flexible air supply, outdoor and indoor corrosion protection, dust-proof sealed bearings, a coil guard, phase protection, and independent staged cooling.


LG Package AC UNIT

Another brand of package AC unit you can purchase in the United Arab Emirates is LG. This solution offers the ultimate performance. This is because it has an IEER of 18.3, an applied BLDC motor (for all fans), and an ultimate inverter compressor that is highly efficient.

It also features the first 25RT pump in the world. Additionally, it has easy access. This is because it has hinged doors that make servicing components easy. It also has a two-inch filter that is third-party compatible.

Convenience is a benefit you get from this option. This is because of the direct drive fan motor and the easy set-up method. 

It also has dual sensing control, easy adjustment of air volume, convertible duct connection, and an ocean black fin that’s highly resistant to corrosion.


Rheem Package AC

Rheem is another option if you’re looking for a package AC in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates. There are several options available. First, there’s the Classic Plus Series: RACDZS, available in 12.5, 10, 8.5 and 7.5 tons.

These come with optional HumidiDry and VFD Technology. They also have two-stage cooling, PlusOne Diagnostics (with a Dual 7-Segment LED Display), and the PlusOne ServiceSmart package.

Then there are the 2.5-ton RSPM and RSNM options. The RSPM is 14 SEER, while the RSNPM is 13 SEER. They both have a scroll compressor.

There’s also the Prestige Series. This includes the 12.5-, 10-, 8.5-, and 7.5-ton RACDZT models. These come with two-stage cooling, a PlusOne ServiceSmart package, and PlusOne Diagnostics (with a Dual 7-Segment LED Display).

Then there’s the Classic Series. This includes the 10-, 8.5-, and 7.5-ton RACDZR models. These come with the same features as the Prestige Series.

There are also the two to five-ton RACA 15 and RACA 14. These come with 1 & 3 Phase, a unique design for water management, and a scroll compressor.

The 10-ton RLHL has a scroll compressor, R-410A, and is only Three Phase. It also has an H2AC package unit. This package unit features eSync Integration Technology. 

There are also the 10- and 7.5-ton RLRL-H and RLRL-C. These come with a scroll compressor, R-410A, RKRL-H ClearControl, VFD Technology, and Clear Control.


SKM Package AC unit
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SKM is another brand, popular in the United Arab Emirates, that offers package AC options. The APMR Series, 60 Hz, includes the R410A. Features of this unit include that it’s long-lasting, and operational and safety controls, and a heavy-duty motor.

They also include an evaporator blower, a cooling coil, and a high-efficiency condenser.

Other options this brand has include the PACS Series that, ‘s 50 Hz (R22 and R470 models) and the PACV-S Series, that’s 50 Hz with scrolls and compressors (R13a model).

They also include the PACV-D Series, which has a discuss compressor (R134a model), and the semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor line, the PACV-DEXM Series (R134a model).

Additionally, they include the APMR-V Series, PACS-C Series, and PAC4A Series.


Finally, there’s the Torsten brand. They offer the TRP-G Series rooftop package unit, which has many features. Its important features include that it’s been tested in accordance (with AHRI 340/360 2007) and that it has a capacity range of between 14 kW and 280 kW.

They also include that it’s available with hermetic scroll compressors, refrigerants of the R407c and R410a types, and 100% fresh air package unit options.

Its cooling coils are AHRI-certified, it’s designed for temperatures that are ambient (of a maximum of 125.6 degrees), and the hermetic scroll compressors are energy-efficient and quiet.

There are also optional features available. These include coil guards, metal fan shrouds, an electronic thermostat, a low-height and compact design, a hot gas bypass kit, and more.

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