best water heater in Dubai

Best Water Heater in Dubai

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Water Heater in Dubai

Are you looking for the best water heater in Dubai? Is your current water heater losing its performance quality? 

Want to know how to select the best water heater in Dubai? Read on to find out.

Many homeowners are faced with purchasing a new water heater after an outdated one breaks down. Since these appliances last for many years, homeowners want to make the right choice. Homeowners have many expenses to consider in their budget. Not only do they have to keep up with monthly bills and a mortgage payment, but they also have to make repairs and replace appliances. This can all add up and purchasing the wrong water heater would simply be a financial loss. Water heaters work by heating up the water supply so that we can enjoy hot baths and showers. However, they do consume energy which can raise our energy bills. In fact, our water heaters account for roughly 20% of our monthly energy bills. 
This means we’ll need to search for the most effective and efficient water heater within our budget. When we do find the right water heater, we can then enjoy our hot water and more money in the bank. 

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A Guide for Selecting the Best Water Heater in Dubai


Residential water heaters range in price from $889 to over $3,000 on average for the appliance and installation. With these prices, it’s understandable that a homeowner would want to select the best water heater that meets their home and family’s needs.  
Explore the following ways to know when you need a new hot water heater and how to select the best water heater in Dubai. 

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Before you decide to purchase a new water heater, it’s essential to know the signs that your current water heater is losing steam. One telltale sign that your water heater needs to be upgraded is the water isn’t as hot. Another sign is if the color of the water isn’t clear but rather rusty or discolored. 

Other signs that you may need a new water heater are the unit is over 10 years old, there are leaks around the water heater, and hearing loud pops or cracks. Lastly, if the water has a foul taste, then this may also indicate that it’s time to go shopping for a new water heater.

While it’s possible to repair your water heater, it’s essential that you take into these factors first. It’s also recommended that you call a repair company if you don’t feel comfortable or qualified to make the repairs on your own. 

What to Look for When Shopping for a Water Heater

There are many brands and models of water heaters on the market. Use the following items as a guide for selecting the best water heater for your home. 

1. Tank or Tankless

There are two conventional types of water heaters on the market. They are known as tank water heaters and tankless water heater. The tank water heater stores a set amount of hot water whereas the tankless water heater heats water on demand. 

A tank water heater can store up to 55 gallons of water or more depending on the size of the unit. Tank water heaters are easier to install, but also take up a lot of room where it is placed. 

Tank water heaters cost less. But, tankless water heaters last for a longer time. Tank water heaters last for up to 13 years and tankless last for up to 20 years. 

Tankless water heaters are also more energy-efficient. They are smaller than conventional water heaters, and they never run out of hot water. 

2. Capacity

If you are leaning towards purchasing a tank water heater, then you’ll need to take water storage capacity into account. Typical tank water heaters store 40 to 55 gallons of water. However, larger tanks are available on the market. 

The size you purchase should depend largely on how many people live in the home. 

You’ll also want to take into consideration the gallons per minute rating. This figure will tell you how much hot water the unit can deliver over a period of time. The higher the number, the more hot water the unit can deliver. 

3. Gas or Electric

Water heaters are typically heated by gas, propane, or electric components. The fuel source you need, however, depends on the fuel sources available in your home. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages to each fuel source type. Natural gas water heaters heat up quickly but also require venting through a wall or chimney. 

Propane is by far the most maintenance and takes up more space. They require replacement propane every time the storage tank runs out. 

Electric units are easy to install and don’t have any venting requirements. They do tend to be less energy efficient overall, however. 

If multiple fuel sources are available, consider checking to see which fuel type is the most cost-effective in your area. 

4. Cost

The best water heater meets your needs financially and practically. For all homeowners, it’s vital that you stay within your budget. If you would like to purchase a more expensive water heater, then determine if you have more time to save up for a better unit.

When considering cost, however, try to think about the long-term. Water heaters are a long-term investment so it’s important that you determine which unit is most cost-effective over time.

For example, some water heaters are more expensive, but they also last longer. Some water heaters may be cheaper, but use more energy which raises your monthly energy bills. 

The cost of fuel in your area and the type of fuel source the water heater uses should also be taken into account. 

Take all these factors into consideration before making your final decision.

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Purchasing the Best Water Heater in Dubai

The best water heater in Dubai should be purchased with careful consideration. This appliance will be in your home anywhere from 13 to 20 years, so it’s essential to make the right choice. 

Once you do find the best unit for your home, you can return to enjoying long, hot baths and showers in clean, clear water. 

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