water heater installation service

water heater installation service

9 Signs You Need a Water Heater Installation Service in Dubai

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Signs that You Need a Water Heater Installation Service in Dubai 

If you can’t get your shower to heat up in the morning, have rust coloured water, or hear banging coming from your basement, it may be time to call up a water heater installation service in Dubai. Use these tips to spot the problem and get a new one before you’re forced to take ice baths. 
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One moment you’re taking a nice warm morning shower and in the next, you’re taking an ice bath. Your hot water doesn’t last as long as it did when you first bought your home; which, come to think of it, was over ten years ago. These are a few pretty clear signs that your hot water heater is starting to break down. While you can try to prolong its life, this will only end inexpensive repair after expensive repair. If you’re not sure your hot water heater is on its last leg or not, keep reading for a few more signs that you may need to call up a water heater installation service in Dubai.

1. Leaks

When water temperatures get a little hot, your water heater expands. As it gets older this pressure gets to be too much which can cause leaks to form. The main sign that you have a leak is a puddle of water around the base of the appliance. 
A plumber may be able to patch up these holes but if they can’t then you’ll need to call a service in Dubai to install a new one.

2. Weird Shower Temperatures 

While a cold shower will certainly wake you up in the morning you most likely don’t want to be surprised with it if you were previously taking a warm one. If the water is going cold faster than it normally does and won’t get warm again no matter how much you fuss with the nob then it’s only going to get worse from here. 
It will escalate in the water not being able to get warm ever. It’s better to get a replacement before it gets to this point. 

3. Rust Coloured Water 

It’s hard to wash dishes when rust coloured water is streaming out of your faucet. It gets all over your white dishes. Just inconvenient and doesn’t taste too good. This colour means that there is a large amount of rust built up in your hot water heater. Over time this will cause the outside of your water heater to start to break down too which will cause those leaks we’re talking about. 
It is possible that the rust colour could be an issue with your town water supply but if you turn on your cold water and still see the same colour then you’ll need to get a new water heater. 

4. Cracking 

Not only is your hot water heater susceptible to leaks when it gets old but cracks as well. The same thing that causes leaks will also cause cracks or bending. The hot temperatures of the water cause the metal to expand. Over time the heater gets to the point where it can’t handle it anymore. You can try to get a plumber to come in and fix these cracks but if they determine that it’s beyond repair then you’ll have to invest in a new one.  

5. Rumbling Noises

Those noises you’re hearing in our basement most likely isn’t from a crafty raccoon. It’s from mineral build up in your hot water heater. See, it’s natural for minerals to settle in the bottom of your water heater. 
It’s also natural for it to harden due to how hot it gets in the inside of the appliance. When this happens, it has to work much harder to give you hot water. This will cause an increase in your water bill as well as make leaks and cracks form. 

6. Your Current One Is Over 10 Years Old 

How old is your current hot water heater? Was it there before you moved in years ago? If it’s showing some of these problems and you don’t know the age then it could be that it’s over the ten-year mark. 
Most hot water heaters are designed to last anywhere between 8-15 years. If it’s any older than this you’ll need to get an installation service in Dubai to bring you a new one. 
Keep in mind that the more you use it the faster it will wear out. If you have a family of seven all using the hot water you’ll need to go through this process sooner. 

7. You Can’t Drain Water Through the Drain Valve

Remember the minerals that we were talking about? If you have your tank flushed once a year or so then you’ll stop it from building up as much. If you neglect to do this then it will build-up to the point where it won’t drain water through the drain valve. 
If it comes to this you’ll have to get a replacement because too much irreversible damage has been done. 

8. The Repairs Are Piling Up 

You can call a plumber out to try and fix some of these common problems. Doing this will prolong the water heater’s life and if you only have to have one done every once in a blue moon then it’s fine. 
If there comes a time when you’re having to get repairs done every other week though, then it becomes a problem to your wallet. As the water heater gets older, one problem will lead to another until you can’t remember a time when the heater worked fine. It’s better to replace it. 

9. Metallic Taste and Smell 

When your water heater starts to break down, metal flakes will come off and combine themselves with your water. This will result in a metallic taste and smell which may not be toxic to you but it doesn’t taste good either.  Keep in mind this may be hard to point out if your town water is hard water because it will always have this taste and smell.