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Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Top 5 Benefits of Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

When choosing a storage unit, a climate-controlled self-storage unit offers many benefits. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to consider one today. In the blink of an eye, you could lose everything. Some belongings are meant to be kept safe and out of harm’s reach. Climate-controlled self-storage gives you complete peace of mind as you conduct your life without them.

You have several options for your storage needs. Choosing the wrong option can cost you over time. It can cost you in damages to your belongings as well.

Take a look at the following five reasons for choosing climate control. Most of these features are not available in other storage options.

1. Temperature-controlled self-storage Provides All the Time You Need

Perhaps you visit your belongings frequently. Perhaps you will return to them in a matter of years. Self-storage with climate control will keep your belongings in a safe and convenient place, even as you move about the world.

Your valuable belongings need some form or protection, no matter where you live. Most U.A.E. residents are tenants, and change locations often. With climate control, they needn’t worry about the risks and hassle of moving their most valuable positions.

Here are some common items for which everyday people use climate-controlled self-storage as they manage their lives in a practical way:

  • Family heirlooms, such as jewelry
  • Vintage furniture
  • Books, records, and other sensitive media
  • Electronics
  • Classical and modern musical instruments
  • Important documents

You might not need these items for daily use. But they do require extra care and security. Whether you’re saving them so that they appreciate in value or as sentimental objects to save for life, climate-controlled self-storage is their home away from home.

2. Secure and Safe Conditions

There are hundreds of home break-ins each year. Homeowners can request police protection while they are away; apartment tenants don’t have this option. The first items burglars target are valuables that are easy to move.

The most common items lost to burglars are:

  • Jewelry, gems, and precious metals
  • Vintage clothing, such as furs
  • Computers and electronics
  • Consumable goods, such as vintage wines
  • Small musical instruments, such as violins and electric guitars
  • Valuable household items, such as trinkets or small lamps

Owners are not always home to keep an eye on these belongings. Climate-controlled self-storage offers locked protection, security cameras, and constant surveillance to keep such items safe. Most facilities have fewer than 30 incidents over the course of five years.

Even affordable temperature-controlled facilities offer monitored CCTV cameras. The best facilities are approved by concerned authorities.

There are countless concerns when a break-in occurs. Your valuables needn’t be one of them.

3. Monitored Temperature, Humidity, and Dust Levels

There are dozens of sensitive items you should consider putting into storage. Here we’ll identify the two most common such items: musical instruments and valuable documents.

Controlled Storage for Musical Instruments

Curators estimate that the average annual increase in the value of a violin is from 2% to 15%. This rate will increase over time. A violin worth 1,000 USD can increase to over 2,000 USD in just five years.

Excess heat and humidity can warp and damage classical instruments like violins. Dust and debris can damage their surfaces as well. This is true even with a case to protect such instruments.

Standard storage does not protect against these hazards. Many renters quickly lose the value of these stored goods. Climate-controlled self-storage is designed to provide safe environments for such valuables.

Most instruments come with guides to proper storage. Consult these guides to identify specific needs.

Climate control usually provides the right conditions written in these guides. You may find that long-term storage is a great way to secure their lasting value.

Controlled Storage for Personal Documents

Valuable personal documents such as wills and deeds also require climate-controlled conditions to last. A filing cabinet at home might be a good short-term solution.

But your valuable long-term documents such as deeds and wills will benefit from long-term storage.When you need to retrieve them years from now, they will be available in the same condition you left them.

4. Removal Solutions

Many climate-controlled self-storage facilities offer short- and long-term removal services. Removal solutions provide a convenient way to transfer all of your belongings as you move to a new residence.

You may use this solution to transfer items for both long-term and short-term storage. Climate controlled conditions ensure even items for regular use don’t sustain any damage during your move.

If your move takes an extended period of time, your belongings will remain safe and protected. If you find you don’t have room for everything in your new residence, a long-term storage solution is within reach.

5. Affordability

Climate-controlled self-storage is affordable. Renters can expect to pay slightly more than for units without climate control.

But long-term storage in unregulated units can cause irreparable damage to your belongings over time. As with violins, the appreciating value of your belongings would be lost.

All of your belongings are subject to damages from harsh conditions. Many renters who choose cheaper solutions save money at the time. Weeks later they are worried about the condition of their prized positions.

It’s easy to fall prey to this temptation. But you have the longevity of your possessions to keep in mind.

There should be no “one size fits all” option for long-term storage. Many companies will attempt to capture customers in long-term storage contracts that will take advantage of them. They know that once your items are in storage, you’re unlikely to want to move them again.

Renters should identify facilities that work with their specific belongings and needs. Those customers will pay less throughout the length of their storage.

Renters who are comfortable with their facilities and prices will enjoy months, years, or lifetimes with peace of mind.

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