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Best Split AC in UAE

Best Split AC in Dubai

What Is Split AC? (And Do You Need One?)

When installing an air conditioner, you want to choose the right one for your needs. What is a split AC and is it right for you? Read on to learn more!

With the soaring temperatures of June, July, and August upon us, staying cool is a top priority.
If you are looking to keep a business or house cool for the summer, and need to do it on a budget, having a split air conditioning system might be the best option for you.
A split AC means that you have both an indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit has the compressor and the condenser and expansion coils. The indoor unit has the blower and the cooling coil.
Now that you know what it is, let’s look at why you need one for your home.

Split AC Costs Less in the Long Run

Initially, a split AC will be more of a financial investment, and you will want a professional to install it. This can scare some people off, but let’s look at the long term picture.
These units are built to last far longer than a wall unit, and they are far more efficient. You will notice a dramatic drop in your power bill by switching to the split style that will more than make up for the initial price.

Being Split Makes the System More Efficient

The installation of a split AC is far less involved than that of central air. There is no ductwork needed, only electrical wires and tubing. That means that you will also save money on getting duct cleaning.
There being two units also makes it more efficient. By separating the inside and outside systems, there is no air crossover, meaning that once a space is cooled, it will stay cool.

You Can Run Different Indoor Units Off of One Outside Unit

The ability to split zones inside of your home or business is a huge advantage over a standard air conditioning unit. With central air, all of your house kept at one temperature, despite whether the zone is in use or not.
If you aren’t using a room with a split AC unit, you can turn that particular unit off, saving you money and energy. This provides a far better way to manage your home.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

The efficiency and ability to control various zones in your house mean that you will waste less energy when using your split AC. With the concern over climate change and the sustainability of energy, this is important for many.

Generally Quieter Than Other AC Types

One of the main reasons you want your air conditioning to work properly is for relaxation. Being in a hot home makes it almost impossible to get the rest and peace of mind you need.
Split AC units help with this by not making as much noise as other types of units generally do. With the main unit being outside, you don’t have to hear the loud AC unit while you unwind from the day.
For information about getting a split AC unit installed for your home or business, please contact us. We also have a full list of services here. We are always ready to provide you with the best service to meet your needs.

Why Choose O General Air Conditioners in UAE?

The reason we recommend O general ac units in U.A.E is mainly because of its reputation, customer satisfactions, customer reviews and accessories availability. On the other hand O general AC units are not only energy efficient, cost effective, economical they are also beautiful and modern in look.

O general AC Catalogue

o general wall mount split acPremium Wall Mounted Decorative | Tropical Innovation Series | 18,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU



O General Wall mounted split AC

O General Wall mounted split AC
O General Wall mounted split AC

The latest generation of O General wall mounted split air conditioners. the most futures of this generation is high power potency and quick cooling distribution. O General wall mounted split ac’s are the most effective alternative for residences, offices, villas. FREE delivery.

A new model realizes the high performance and energy saving which are more suitable for tropical climate.



  • Airflow 30% higher
  • New super cooling
  • Direct airflow from top
  • High efficiency Fan motor
  • 15M Long-reach airflow
  • Large power diffuser
  • High energy efficiency
  • EER is improved by energy saving design.
  • Double auto swing
  • Quiet operation mode
  • 30% improved powerful airflow
  • Air flow is 30% or 28% stronger than current model.
  • 5 speed control

MODEL NUMBER (Latest generation of O General AC)

  • ASGA18FUTA/AOGA18FUTA (1.5 Ton) – 2800 AED
  • ASGA24FUTA/AOGA24FUTA (2.0 Ton) – 3200 AED
  • ASGA30FETA/AOGA30FETA (2.5 Ton) – 4200 AED
  • ASGA36FETA/AOFA36FETA (3.0 Ton) – 5200 AED