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5 Causes of AC Leaking AC

Your AC is Leaking Water? Water Coming from your AC? Leaking AC damaged your Ceiling?
check out these five common reasons as to why!

1. Outside Temperatures Are Causing a Leaking AC Unit

One of the causes of a leaking AC unit could be that the outside temperatures are cold. When outside temperatures begin to drop, your AC unit can begin to produce more water. When this water begins to build up, it may cause a leak in your unit.
Because the weather outside is cold, the water has an especially high chance of gathering in your AC unit rather than drying up.

2. There’s An Air Leakage in the Air Conditioning Unit

If any part of the seal on your AC unit is loose or broken, then that could be a major cause of a unit that is leaking. If a seal is broken, the warm outside air can mix with the cool air from the unit to create condensation. This condensed air can then lead to pools of moisture, which will eventually leak out.
It is important to fix any leaks in the unit as soon as they are found. An easy way to find these leaks is by using a duct leakage detector. Fixing the leaks may seem like a pain financially, but in the long run, it will save you money.

3. Dirty Air Filter

Another cause of a leaking AC unit could be a neglected air filter. Did you know that the filter should be changed at least two times per year? A dirty air filter can cause blockage that prevents air from reaching the evaporator coil.
When the coil becomes too cold it freezes, which can eventually cause excess water and leakage.
Regularly replacing your air filter is an easy way to prevent leaks!

4. The AC Unit Was Not Installed Correctly

A poorly installed AC unit may seem like an obvious reason for leakage. If the unit is not installed correctly, there may be unnecessary pressure on the unit. The pressure can lead to leaks in the unit.
AC units typically have a reap to prevent leakage, incorrect installation of the unit can also lead to leakage in the unit.

5. A Broken Condenser Pump

A broken condenser pump in your unit could be another reason that your unit is leaking. A condenser pump serves the purpose of pumping extra water out of the unit.
It is best to bring in a professional to help with a broken condenser pump. There is a way that you can test whether or not the pump may be broken, though. By pouring water into the condenser pan, you will be able to tell if the pump is able to perform the job of pumping water out.

AC Leaking Solution

What To Do When You Come Across These Issues

your ac needs servicing & cleaning. call a professional company for ac service and/ or get an ac cleaning quote from them. Always choose a professional ac maintenance company that gives you the fastest and affordable quote with the earliest availability.

If you are experiencing a leak in your AC unit, it’s best to contact the professionals. It can be difficult to know the exact cause and solution, but luckily there’s help for a leaking AC unit!

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