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March 23, 2019 Jotun Paints Dubai

Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints as a pioneers in colour technology is one of the leading and most selling paint brand in U.A.E. They have extensive and vast range of painting and home improvement products.
We have listed there popular and best selling products in categories.

Fenomastic Paint

Innovative range of paints
Jotun Fenomastic Paint is specially designed for interior painting with colour accuracy, it’s easy to paint and comes in tons of colors and finishes such as rich matt, smooth silk and glossy finishes

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Durable exterior paint
Jotashield by Jotun is a special paint for your exterior walls, it makes your walls not only beautiful but also long lasting with trendy colours and different finishes.

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Lady Design

Bringing life to walls
Jotun Lady Design Paint is designed to add beautiful textures to your walls converting them to an art piece. Inspired from natural materials and comes in multiple finishes such as smooth, silk & gloss

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Premium wood protection
Woodshield by Jotun is specially formulated to provide deep penetration for wooden surface, UV protection, low odour, fast drying, waterproof quality available in high gloss and matt finish

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Fenomastic Wonderwall

Fenomastic Color Range


Lady Design StuccoAntica

Lady Design Romano

Lady Design Pearl

Lady Design Royal Velvet

Lady Design Diamonds

Lady Design Prestige


Exterior Colour Collection


Woodshield – True Wood Protection