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Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints and Coatings: Pioneer in Color Technology

Jotun Paints

The Best Paint Brand in U.A.E

Jotun Paints as a pioneer in color technology is one of the leading and most selling paint brands in the U.A.E. The Jotun group has Norwegian roots and presence all over the world. They have an extensive and vast range of paint products for interior and exterior painting. Apart from this Jotun paints also offers wood, metal, and floor coatings. Decorative Paints by Jotun are well known in Dubai. So whether it’s the walls of your home which need redefinition with vibrant colors or furniture protection, they have got you covered.
We have listed there popular and best-selling products in categories.
Official Website: https://www.jotun.com/me/en

Jotun Paints in Dubai

No doubt, Jotun paints are the best selling paint brand in Dubai, durability, and quality of finish makes it the first choice of Dubai’s residents. Furthermore, professional painters in Dubai also recommend Jotun as their preferred paint brand in Dubai.

Fenomastic Paint

Take the safe route with this durable, washable antibacterial paint, which prevents the growth and spread of many different kinds of bacteria and fungi. It’s also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms due to its unique High Crack Tolerance (HTC) formula, low flame spread, and long-lasting colors that stay attractive clean after clean.

Innovative range of paints
Jotun Fenomastic Paint is specially designed for interior painting with color accuracy, it’s easy to paint and comes in tons of colors and finishes such as rich matte, smooth silk and glossy finishes.

Jotun Lady Stucco Antica
Jotun Lady Stucco Antica

Lady Design Stucco Antica is a high-quality waterborne paint that creates an elegant antique look on your interior walls – giving you a blend of opulence and antiquity. It comes in a beautiful selection of colors that will help you create the perfect look.

for more info please visit Official Jotun Website

Lady Design

Bringing life to walls
Jotun Lady Design Paint is designed to add beautiful textures to your walls converting them to an art piece. Inspired from natural materials and comes in multiple finishes such as smooth, silk & gloss.

Jotun Lady Design
Lady Effects Glaze

Lady Effects Glaze is a high-quality oil-based glaze suitable for use in painting techniques such as color washing, glazing, sponging, marbling, flame, ragging, and other types of innovative finishes.
Recommended use
Ideal for design-oriented interiors.
Note that all previously painted surfaces can be glazed e.g. wooden surfaces, door panels, furniture, and walls.

jotun lady color card
Jotun Lady Color Card

We rarely think of our walls as art pieces to be proud of; but with Jotun Lady Design Paints, You can truly express your personal sense of style. Jotun Lady Design Paints can give your walls color, texture, and depth. The look of your home can now keep changing with every new inspiration that comes to you.

for more info please visit Official Jotun Website


Durable exterior paint
Jotashield by Jotun is a special paint for your exterior walls, it makes your walls not only beautiful but also long lasting with trendy colors and different finishes.

for more info please visit Official Jotun Website


Premium wood protection
Woodshield by Jotun is specially formulated to provide deep penetration for wooden surface, UV protection, low odor, fast drying, waterproof quality available in high gloss and matte finish

for more info please visit Official Jotun Website


Fenomastic Wonderwall

Fenomastic Color Range

Complete Range of Jotun Paints Catalogues


Lady Design StuccoAntica

Lady Design Romano

Lady Design Pearl

Lady Design Royal Velvet

Lady Design Diamonds

Lady Design Prestige


Exterior Colour Collection

Jotashield ColourXtreme

Jotashield SuperDurable – Silk

Jotashield Colourlast

Jotashield Decor Travertine


Woodshield — True Wood Protection

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