Best Truck Rental Company in Dubai

Best Truck Rental Company in Dubai: Everything to Know

Best Truck Rental Company in Dubai

Did you know that the average rent in the UAE has decreased by 30% over the past few years? However, you could still spend almost half of your salary on rent alone, and Dubai is the most expensive city in the UAE. When moving, you must be able to get all of your furniture, appliances, and personal belongings smoothly from one place to another.
Keep reading, and we will guide you through choosing the best truck rental company in Dubai.

What You Need to Consider

Before you rent a truck, you want to make sure you check the following items and take it into account if you plan on driving the truck yourself.

First, you need to figure out what size truck you need. A company will list out the options you have in terms of truck size and what they offer.

Most moving companies have 10-foot trucks for studio or smaller apartments and 26-foot trucks, which can take up to four bedrooms of your stuff.

If you’re moving, you want to make sure the truck has at least 10% more space than you think you need to be safe. You would rather have space left over, then not be able to fit everything.

Cost, Fees, and Insurance

You want to consider the cost and fees for truck rentals. The price will include the size of the truck, the distance, and the length of time of the move when you get a quote.

There may be extra fees that include insurance, additional fuel, or add-on accessories that you need for your move that may come later. If they need to use storage bins or put protective material over fragile items, this may cost more.

If you’re driving the rental truck and don’t have much experience, be careful and make sure to familiarize yourself with the truck, be careful when making a turn, see a bridge or underpass, and don’t go too fast.

Truck insurance is vital if you’re driving a long distance. The different types of truck insurance include Damage Waivers, Personal Accident, and Auto Tow Protection. Read here to understand further how truck insurance works, and you will be able to figure out which you might need for your move.

If you’re looking at rentals for local moves and moving service, you don’t have to worry about the size of the truck or insurance because they will help you figure this out, and you won’t have to drive.

The Whole Package

If you’re looking to have a service that provides complete removal services for you, The Home Storage are there for you. They will help you pack up your house, apartment, or business and make your moving experience very smooth.

They also offer self-storage services if you need to be out of your house on a particular day, but can’t move into your new home yet, You can store your stuff overnight, hire a furniture storage service, or you can use long term storage if you have items you aren’t ready to get rid of, but won’t fit in your new place.

The Home Storage is a one-stop-shop that provides multiple services for moving and will be very helpful if you’re looking for a seamless packing and moving experience. They can also help with international moves or sending large packages or items across the world.

Rent Your Truck Today

Now that you’ve learned about the best truck rental company in Dubai, Truck Rental Dubai, you are ready to schedule a truck for your home or office move or even if you are looking to move temperature-controlled items.

If you’re looking for one place to help you move that includes packing, a truck, and moving services, Dubai local movers will provide everything for you.

Start prepping for your move or keep reading about home moving services in Dubai here!

Best Truck Rental Company in Dubai

Dubai Truck is the best truck rental company because it provides multiple options for what kinds of trucks you can rent, and you can contact them immediately if you need a truck quickly.

You’re one call away from renting a truck. You can rent a truck for small to large cargo, or if you have items that need to be kept cold or refrigerated, Truck Rental Dubai is the place for you.

A few examples of trucks available to rent are:

  • 1.5 to 7-ton capacity trucks
  • Boxed trucks — these are for moving your home, apartment or office
  • Freezer and chiller trucks — these are for if you need items to be kept cold or refrigerated
  • Trucks for marketing your business
  • Trucks with a tail lift included so you can lift cargo into the truck and take it out easily — this is helpful because then you don’t need a crane or separate piece of equipment to boost your cargo in and out of the truck

They have truck rental professionals that will help you determine which truck will meet your needs, depending on how you are planning to use the rental truck.

You can also have one of our trusted professionals drive the truck for you and transport whatever you need.

You can also rent a temperature-controlled storage space. This allows you to let us know what temperature, hot or cold, your items need to be stored.

Dubai Truck provides excellent options for truck & van rentals, and it’s effortless to rent a truck.