Paint The Accent Wall a Different Color

4 Ways to Make a Statement With an Accent Wall

4 Ways to Make a Statement With an Accent Wall

How can having a painted accent wall improve your living space? Check out these creative ideas for painting and decorating an accent wall.

Accent Wall

An accent wall is a fantastic way to liven up and improve your living space. Adding a touch of a different color or design to a room ups its excitement factor by quite a bit.

You don’t have to be an expert in interior design or know how to install special materials either. Here are 4 easy ways to make a statement with an accent wall.

Paint The Accent Wall a Different Color

One of the simplest methods of adding an accent wall is to paint one wall a different color. Simply select one wall and paint it a different color than the others.

The wall you choose will become a focal point, so choose with care. You also have to choose your color with care. If the color tone of the other walls is warm, don’t choose a cool tone. Take care with neutrals as they often have underlying tones that aren’t super obvious.

Take care to coordinate with the furniture, floor and any other major thing in the room. If the colors clash, your chic new wall will become not quite so chic.

Use Stencils

The next step up from painting the wall is to add a stencil design. This is a great way to add color and an interesting element to your wall.

There are a couple ways to do this. Either paint the whole wall a new color and add your stencil design. Or leave the wall the same color and paint in the stencil design only. Whatever you choose, with the right colors and stencil you can create a stunning effect.


Hanging some wallpaper is another great way to add extra interest to a room. This is great in typical ‘aesthetically boring’ rooms like foyers and bedrooms.

There are also temporary wallpapers that you can buy if you don’t want to commit. These go up without messy pastes or water and you can take them back down again.

If you want to add a bold color to the room, this may be the way to go. If you end up not liking it, you can take it down again.

Wood or Tile

Reclaimed wood is a gorgeous way to add a touch of the rustic to your room. Don’t stop reading because you think that’s too much work. You don’t have to use actual wood to get this look.

You can find peel and stick varieties that don’t look fake. Imagine a chic wooden accent wall without the frustrating work of attaching it to the wall.

For a touch more elegance you may prefer to use tile instead. Tile comes in all sorts of colors and textures so you can create a huge range of looks.

If you’re wondering, it also comes in peel and stick varieties. In fact, these handy materials have opened up interior design to new possibilities.

They are much less expensive options than real tile or wood. You will compromise a tiny bit on aesthetic, of course, but they don’t look as bad as you may imagine.

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