skm air conditioners

Upgrade Your Cooling Experience and Interior with SKM Decorative Split Air Conditioners

skm split air conditioners
SKM split air conditioners

Innovative Decorative Split AC Units by SKM

SKM Air Conditioners UAE Brings Proudly Brings You Locally Made Highly Efficient Ductless Split Air Conditioners

SKM Split Air Conditioners or Decorative Indoor Units are best for your home. The decorative indoor unit’s sleek design utilizes a compact space in the room and doesn’t block any openings like the window. The fan coil units blend with most room interior and decors.
Advanced system components fuse innovative technology makes it highly efficient to provide adequate cooling. The smooth and minimized plan of each embellishing indoor unit takes next to no space in the room.
The fan units are appealingly styled to mix with most room stylistic layouts. Progressed framework segments fuse creative innovation to give dependable cooling execution at high efficiencies and low commotion levels.

Why SKM Split AC has the Best Performance?

Energy efficiency, better cooling, and competitive prices make SKM a good brand for the Air conditioning system. SKM split ac product line-up encompasses the best innovative technology that costs less and doesn’t impact the environment adversely. Nonetheless, the products result from high quality, modern design, and good value for money brings an irresistible deal. In short, SKM delivers the best conditioning experience at reasonable rates.

SKM Split ACs are best for office and home. It’s the best and most efficient air conditioner on a budget for any indoor. 

Decorative Split Air Conditioners

Models of Decorative Split Air Conditioners from SKM 

The Decorative Split Air Conditioner from SKM has 4 Types of AC: 

  • Mini-Split: R22
  • Wall Mounted High-Efficiency Ductless Unit
  • Wall Mounted DC Inverter Ductless Unit
  • Tropical Wall Mounted Ductless Unit

SKM Decorative Split Air Conditioners Models

  • MSKM410A-HDC (50Hz): R410A
  • MSKM410A-CA (50Hz): R410A
  • MSKMP-CWMSD0 (60Hz) : R410A
  • MSKMP-HMF1 (50Hz) : R410A
  • MSKMP-HMI1 (50Hz) : R410A

Insight into SMK Decorative Air Conditioners

SKM brightening split frameworks are accessible in various models covering one TR to three TR (1 – 3 TR/3.5 kW to 10.6 kW) at ostensible AHRI condition, which makes them unmistakably appropriate for some Application territories. The open-air unit has a little impression for space-saving and a lovely exterior for the Indoor units. 

  • SKM decorative split framework is planned in agreement with G.C.C guidelines and to adjust explicitly ESMA, MEW, and G-Imprint principles. 
  • SKM decorative split units are reasonable to work in a wide scope of the surrounding temperature. (Least outdoor operating ambient encompassing in cooling mode is 63°F (17°C), greatest is 125.6°F (52°C). 
  • SKM decorative split units are wired internally and all that needs to be done nearby is refrigerant funneling, power supply, appropriate Indoor unit establishment, and field wiring, which decreases the establishment work and therefore keeps to a base expense.
  •  SKM beautifying split units are made in UAE and SKM offers qualified support.

Easy installation, high quality, and innovative design make the decorative air conditioner from the SKM range the best choice for your space.

Important Tip: Always hire a licensed and insured A/C Maintenance Company in Dubai for any kind of ac repair and installation requirements.

An air conditioner is a magic machine, a tech wonder, and essential for a healthy indoor environment. You must opt for the most suitable, sustainable, and economical solution for your home or office and get the best comfort at affordable rates.

SKM Split Air Conditioners comes with relatively less carbon footprint, space-saving, and a pleasant look of indoor units.

SKM AC is ideal for office and home use when you don’t want to put a lot of money. There are so many brands in the market that boast the same. We do not believe in fake promises and verify the technical data and features before making any purchase.

Key Features of SKM Indoor Decorative Split Units

  • Advanced System
  • Innovative Technology
  • Reliable Cooling
  • High Efficiencies
  • Low Noise Levels
  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • Made in U.A.E

Features & Functions

  • Golden Fin – It effectively prevents the growth of bacteria breeding. It also improves the transfer of heat. It has a unique golden coating that is anti-corrosive. It can tolerate salty air rain.
  • 3D Airflow – It has a vertical and horizontal auto swing to distribute the air in the room evenly.
  • High-density Filter – It has high-density filters that can clean the dust and pollen up to 80%.
  • Turbo – It boosts the cooling and heating power. It helps in heating and cooling down the room quickly.
  • Auto-restart Function – Sometimes, the air conditioner breaks down due to an immediate power cut. The auto-restart helps to get it to restart for the previous setting mode when the power resume.
  • Timer – Helps automatically start and stop in 24 hours.
  • Louver Position Memory – Horizontal louver automatically positions itself to the last used position.
  • Self-diagnosis and Auto Protection – when there is some breakdown or any part is damaged, the system will shut down automatically. It will prevent any further problems in the Air conditioner.
  • Follow Me – Remote has built-in temperature sensors. It will sense the temperature and adjust the system to the room temperature to maintain comfort. 
  • Digital Display- Checking the function status with a press of a button.
  • Sleep Mode – allows the system to decrease the heat or increase the cooling automatically. It maintains comfort and saves energy at the same time.