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An Honest Review of Daily Express Restaurant (Most Authentic Nihari in Dubai for 2024)

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A Culinary Journey at Daily Express Restaurant, Dubai

As a seasoned traveler and a connoisseur of global cuisines, I have had the privilege of savoring a myriad of flavors across 300 cities in 45 countries. My quest for authentic and savory food (Nihari in particular) recently led me to the “Daily Express Restaurant” located in Mirdif, Dubai, UAE. This was my second visit, and I was once again captivated by their culinary prowess.

What is Nihari?

Nihari, a stew that traces its roots back to the Indian Subcontinent during the reign of the Mughal Empire, is one of the many culinary innovations from that era. Its preparation involves the slow cooking of meat, predominantly beef shank and bone marrow. Although the traditional Nihari uses beef, variations of this dish can be found with other meats like mutton, lamb, and chicken. Typically, Nihari is enjoyed with Naan, Sheermal, or Taftaan. However, My personal preference leans towards pairing Nihari with Sheermal, reminiscent of the street food style in Karachi.

“Unrivaled Nihari Flavors – Only at Daily Express!”

The Nihari Experience (Authentic Taste of Beef Nihari)

The star of my dining experience was undoubtedly the “Nihari”. This slow-cooked stew, a culinary gem from the Mughal era, is a symphony of shank cut of beef and bone marrow, simmered to perfection. The Nihari at Daily Express Restaurant was nothing short of a revelation. The taste, the aroma, and the authenticity were unmatched, making it one of the best Nihari I have had in Dubai.

The Restaurant’s Specialties

Daily Express Restaurant’s menu is a testament to the rich and diverse culinary traditions of South Asia, encompassing India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Their mastery extends beyond Nihari to an array of curries, rice dishes, and barbeque delights. Each dish is a celebration of flavors, prepared with care and served with love.

Customer Service Excellence

A special mention must be made of “Mr. Faheem”, whose positive attitude and exceptional customer service significantly enhanced my dining experience. His helpfulness and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction were truly commendable.

Conclusion: The Nihari king of 2024 in Dubai

Finding authentic and tasty desi food in Dubai can be a challenge, but Daily Express Restaurant rises to the occasion splendidly. Their Nihari is a true masterpiece, a testament to their commitment to authenticity and quality. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a casual diner, I highly recommend a visit to this restaurant and at least try their “Most Flavourful Nihari in Dubai” for a memorable culinary journey.

A Little More About Daily Express Restaurant (Dubai’s Undisputed Nihari Champion!)

Website: www.dailyrestaurantgroup.com

Daily Express Restaurant is a friendly place in Dubai where you can enjoy tasty Pakistani and Indian food. They make yummy kebabs and other dishes that feel like home. It’s a good place for families to eat together, and they make sure everything is clean. If you like good food, you’ll have a great time here. The ambiance is modest, yet inviting, making it an ideal spot for families to gather and enjoy a meal that’s both comforting and satisfying. Daily Express Restaurant stands out as a beacon for those in pursuit of a genuine Desi dining experience.

Locations and Branches

DSO Branch
Shop #2, Apricot Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 043922209

Barsha Branch
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Barsha, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 043232358

Deira Branch
Al Ittihad Rd, Port Saeed, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 042567557

DIP Branch
Dubai Investment Park – 1, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 042347326

Al Quoz Branch
Warehouse 11, Umm Suqeim, Al quoz 4, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 043499089

Mirdif Branch
Mirdif, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 042978056

Daily Express Restaurant Food Menu

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