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We provide complete transportation solutions in Dubai from simple moving services to temperature-controlled trucks, vans & trailers

Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

We are a recognized market leader in the U.A.E’s transport, especially in the Temperature Controlled Transportation industry. We operate the latest fleet of refrigerated trucks & vans throughout U.A.E. We are specialists in the delivery of boxes, packages, or pallets throughout the U.A.E of either chilled or frozen commodities

Refrigerated Trailer Rental

You can reach us efficient and latest Refrigerated Trailer Rental in Dubai. The temperature-controlled refrigerated trail would keep the cargo frozen and safe. You can hire our service of refrigerated trailers on a trip basis, hourly basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis along with the driver if required. We also provide trucks for hire with a driver and without the driver.

Our Refrigerated Trailer Rental is designed particularly for open-air use. Each unit is worked to withstand the open air components and the substantial manhandle frequently connected with rental hardware, so you can be sure your stroll in will look like new when it reaches. Each Refrigerated Trailer Rental unit is conveyed pre-collected, pre-wired, and prepared to work. Essentially convey energy to the unit and it’s prepared to go. Besides, it’s generally as simple at the end of your delivery since we will be there to evacuate the unit precisely when you require us. We are happy to assist you, and you can also visit to see our refrigerated trailer first.

Refrigerated Van Rental

The best and efficient Refrigerated Van Rental in Dubai is now accessible at Refrigerated Trucks Dubai. You can hire our temperature-controlled refrigerated light-duty vans on trip basis, hourly basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis, It will keep your cargo safe and cold and also track tight spots with no difficulty. We also provide trucks for hire with a driver and without the driver. Kindly visit us for load capacity, schedule, and know more features of the service.

We will facilitate your burden by giving fantastic administrations like on-time put the trailers, at whatever time call answer from operation and day by day track record via mail to your work area. Place your order and provide your destination description of cargo weight and measurement of cargo. Refrigerated Trucks Dubai equipped for cooling, and also trailers are likewise accessible with multi-temperature compartments.

Chiller Vans & Trucks Rental

We rent out/ lease chiller vans and trucks on flexible durations and easy rental terms, you may hire our driver with the truck generally known as the man with the van for your catering deliveries or any specific commodity which requires temperature controllable transportation from warehouses or production houses to clients or stores.
You must not worry about the safety of your items as we care for them and have trained our drivers especially for making the journey as smooth as possible.
Ou drivers assist in from loading to unloading and taking necessary documents of approvals and confirmation of deliveries.
we have been working with small to big companies and know that each organization and client have specific needs and plans for their truck rental and transportation.

Our trucks are well managed and maintained and are always checked up periodically to keep them upto date and hygienic.They are cleaned on routine and timely basis to prevent any odor in the refrigerated insulated panel.

We don’t mix our chiller trucks and chiller vans with each other and have categorized and dedicated them, for example, a chiller truck used in fresh food delivery will always be used in fresh food delivery or a chiller van used in cakes and confectionaries delivery will always be used in the same or similar commodity.

Should I Hire a Truck or Buy One?

this is the question we have always been asked over the phone. you cannot confirm if you should buy one or hire one. hiring a truck is a quick and hassle-free decision and puts the commute in safe hand, there is more responsibility on the truck rental company and they make sure everything is done in a professional way, also you don’t have to bother dealing with tons of people and you finalize your contract of hire in writing with the delivery date and get set go.

while if you choose to buy a truck of your own, it comes with a lot of benefits, as well as problems of managing tons of extra stuff such as driver, licensing, route permits, health cards, vehicle health cards, the possibility of road fines, vehicle inspections, time management and overall the cost becomes almost the same of renting a truck from a professional temperature-controlled trucks rental company.

Fast Road Land Transport by Trucks L.L.C

Rating: 10 out of 10.

We are a top commercial truck rental and leasing company in Dubai.

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Our company is known for providing the finest trucks & refrigerated vehicles. The versatile vehicles have the flexibility of running off diesel or three-phase electric power supplies. The temperatures for distributing products vary from 4 deg C for fresh dairy products to -30 deg C for products such as ice cream


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