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We are the leading suppliers of , , & . Our rental vehicles range in a multiple sizes. Our fleet have smallest vehicle being 1.0 ton to 10 tons. Our Trucks can be rented specially for , delivering goods, , , loading & unloading

Also known as cargo trucks for rent, our are specially used & rented out for moving & , boxes deliveries, pallet loading & deliveries, , and many more. Our drivers are experienced and trained and knows most of the routs in U.A.E so your consignments are never late or lost. We provide special rates for moving services in dubai & pickup and deliveries intercity such as Sharjah to Dubai, Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Dubai to Ajman, Ajman to Sharjah, Jebel Ali to various parts in Dubai.

We Provide Day to Day for ease of residents in dubai as well as the commercial customers, our are best used for loading & delivering stuff for short distances as well as long trips, no matter if you are looking to just to load stuff from supermarkets or some warehouse, or to just move your household item or furniture from one place to another place. we have special rates for the trips between Dubai to Sharjah & return. we also provide custom rates for office items & .

We have double cabin pickups , single cabin pickups with and without driving for loading and delivery services as well as moving and relocation services. We also provide open body trucks, close body trucks, vans and trailers for moving services, No matter if you want a man with van or a truck with driver we can furnish all your requests, we have large number of vehicles specially for moving and packing and storage services. on the other hand if you require packing material for your relocation we can deliver it to your home. We also provide premium and complete packing and moving services. We can also find you a good self storage facility to store your items securely on easy payment terms and affordable rates, no matter the duration of storage is shorter or for a long period.

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