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When it comes to moving companies in Dubai, The Home Storage Dubai is the most reliable and leading name in the field. The reason they are called the “best movers” is our professional attitude towards the job and they never compromise on their reputation.
Look no further than The Home Storage Dubai, your top quality, door to door moving and personal storage expert located right here in the center of Dubai.
With over many years of experience, our professionally trained experts will treat you and your priceless belongings with a lot of respect and care though were our own. We guarantee your move will be as smooth and reliable as possible!
We take care of everything from packing and moving of your things so that your relocation takes place without any stress to you. Our reliable and most cost-effective service is the best option for you to have an easy to manage and stress-free moving anywhere in Dubai or in the surrounding areas of Dubai city. We cover the entire metro area in and around Dubai and as such we are one of the moving and storage services in Dubai where no project is too small or too big for us.

Here’s what they say about their services

Our moving and storage services are manned by well trained and professionally qualified logistics experts. Our team of packing and moving professionals works round the clock to give you the best possible service. We take care of every detail and pay more attention even to smaller details to fulfill each one of your requirements. Due to this, we are regarded by our customers as one of the best moving services in Dubai.

Movers Dubai

Choosing us as your preferred moving and storage provider will be one of your best choices

Packing, Moving and Storage Services

Our moving and storage services in Dubai also include a range of all the related services to packing, moving and relocation services like furniture installations, removal services, etc. If you want we can unpack and arrange things in your new location as per your requirements and directions so that we can take care of every phase of your moving process.

Our aim is to provide quality services, affordable price with flexible terms and conditions to our entire customer, as we do not compromise on our quality and professionalism. Our prices are an exception in this industry. Learn more about our rare services and discover how we work. Keeping in mind we guarantee that “if we damage anything, we will fix it”

We are the professional alternative to do it yourself services and a very affordable option that many people don’t know they have. We operate 24/7 services throughout Dubai and known as Dubai local move experts for a reason because we give you supple course of action to suit your certain moving need any time of the day or night.

Most Trust Moving Company in Dubai

We are here to create customers for life! You have come to the right place we are the moving company you can trust.
Removal Services
Removal Services

Removal Services

Comprehensive Removal Services Provider in Dubai

For a quick and easy move, Contact Lockable Store Dubai
With the help of a serving hand from Lockablestore.com, make your property on a move is hardly a challenge. Whether it’s about residential, commercial or business relocation you seek, all you need to do is just to give us a call and we do it all!
Just tell l us about when to move, A team of conscientious specialists will then make sure your belongings reach their destination safe and sound.
Choose the company that focuses on your needs
we are your local and reliable company that aims for your satisfaction, that’s why we are offering a complete range of removal services throughout U.A.E that comes with many advantages for you.

Fully insured and safe household and business removal services:

  • Customer care available 24/7
  • Flexible booking terms
  • Our coverage depends on your requirements
  • Reliable, experienced staff
  • GPRS equipped moving vans

Storage Services

Self Storage Services in Dubai

Self Storage Services

With a full range of moving and storage services in Dubai, our service covers all phases of your moving process including the preliminary actions that are necessary before commencing the packing of your residential items. When we start our packing process we have a discussion with you and know your requirements and act as per your directions in packing and moving the goods to your new home. We follow a well-defined marking and labeling system of the packages containing your residential items and with this, we are able to deliver the right packs to the right room in your new home minimizing the chance of loss or damage to the goods while transferring them within the house.

Best of all there are no hidden fees, what you are quoted is the amount you’ll pay! We assure you a comprehensive reliable service on that is suited to your needs and your budget.
You will have our contact details if you need to speak to anybody at any time during relocation,
Our removal services in Dubai have been designed to make moving a breeze for both commercial and residential properties. The process is quick and simple.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Book a surveyors visit
  • Getting things packed in no time
  • Ready for the move
  • Loading & Unloading is easy with Dubai local movers
  • Getting things unpacked is not a problem