Handyman Dubai

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Experienced & Well Mannered Staff, Affordable Quotes, Pleasant Experience!
Need to Hire Professional Handyman Service in Dubai?
Need a Stress Free & Reliable Handyman Service?

We Offer Full, Half Day and Hourly Services Hire of Professional Painter, Handymen, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Tilers, Movers & Helpers to complete all your required Maintenance, Refurbishment, Home Improvement & Decorative Works

Handyman Dubai offers a complete range of professional & reputable and reliable handyman services by our  multi skilled & experienced team of handyman, for All purpose property maintenance specialize In odd/small/big or simple diy Jobs. Our professional services for commercial & residential property weather its a villa or an apartment, office or a warehouse is just a call away from you. as majority residents of dubai are expats and always busy with their schedule, jobs, target and office works, everyone with a busy schedule won’t get time to sort out all small and odd jobs in their to do list.

Handyman Dubai as a one stop solution of all trades, gives you the freedom to throw your “things to do” list in the junk with accomplishment, rapid proposals with reliable and efficient services. You won’t find any other like us.
We will make your weekend a little less stressful and hassle free, whether it’s plighting up the broken fence that’s been fixed in your yard for years, or painting the outdated structure of your old style home. Crewed with a team of reliable professionals, this technical company prides itself on unique services that are sure to leave your home looking both clean and stylish.

Sit back and relax when you hire one of our trained & professional expert to spot and diagnose the issue, give you relevant suggestions, affordable quote and rectify the issue. Trained in a over abundance of services, we make sure to leave your sun dried furniture in tip-top shape, color your pale walls and bring new life to them, assemble and install the furniture you just bought from store, fix the leaking toilet, removal of old cracked bath tub with installation of new one, fix leaking of ceiling in toilet, install dishwasher, washing machine or cookware, and much more to offer when you hire us.

Feel Free to Call us if you Need any of Below Work Done:

  • Minor and Major Carpentry works
  • All kind of Plumbing Issues
  • Simple Handyman hire for Multiple Works
  • Interior Painting & Decorating needs
  • Electrical Works Faults and Issues
  • Tiling & Flooring
  • Blown up AC Compressor or Fan
  • Fitting/ Installation of Lights & Chandeliers
  • Hanging Curtains and Blinds
  • Rail Assembling or Custom Rail Supply
  • Furniture Assembly or Installation
  • Fixing Bed, Wardrobes & Cabinets
  • Painting a Wall or Full Villa
  • Move in/ Move Out Painting
  • Furniture Disposal
  • False Wall, Partition and gypsum works
  • Door Installation Repairing & Polishing
  • and many more…

We work hard and make sure to:

Take your optimism and make them a beautiful reality


Keep your weekends lazy and get others to do the hectic collection of work

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: +971 50 911 3683
: www.handymendubai.com
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