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AC Supplier in Dubai: 6 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying

Did you know the demand for power to run AC in Dubai is three times higher than in other hot countries, such as Spain? With most people leaving the AC running 24 hours a day, the cost easily dominates your utility bills. But do you know how to find the best company to install your system?
Your AC needs to be durable, efficient, and correctly maintained. Read on as we discuss questions to ask the best AC supplier in UAE

What Size Do I Need?

When you get a new AC unit, the company should perform a manual J load calculation. This works out the size of the unit needed relative to the space it will be cooling. Even if the unit is a replacement, this should still take place as the old unit may have been inadequate. 

This calculation incorporates the layout of the home, its size, windows, orientation, and shade. From here, the UAE AC suppliers you are dealing with should have a good example of the size you need. They will help you design a system that cools the essential areas. 

Who Will Install the Equipment?

Installing an AC unit is not something you can do yourself. It takes a certain level of training and technical expertise to do it right. You would probably assume that most UAE-based AC suppliers would have this training, but it is not always true. 

Not every company will be licensed and certified. Some may even contract the work out to other companies. Therefore, it is imperative you know who is doing the work. 

A badly installed AC unit will break down when you need it most. Units should add to the value of the home, so it is important they are installed properly. 

In addition to this, check how much experience they have. A good, trustworthy company should have been in the business a few years at least. Check their reviews and testimonials online to see how well they are rated by customers. 

What Is the Latest Technology?

Even the humble AC unit has upgraded, and the best AC suppliers in the UAE should be able to advise and supply you with the latest technology. Much of it focuses on efficiency and making usage easier for you. 

Your first consideration should be a SMART thermostat. This will allow you to set times for operation and shutdown, even letting you control the AC remotely from your smartphone. This means you can turn it off in the day when you are out, then put it on as you plan to return to cool the house efficiently. 

Internal components that are becoming popular include variable speed motors. These let the AC unit work at a lower speed around the clock, increasing when the home needs a boost of cold air. They are extremely efficient. 

Additional features that can be added to your AC unit include dehumidifiers, ventilators, and air cleaners. These can be used to remove pollen if you have allergies or any tobacco smoke if you are in a smoking household. They can also reduce bacteria and airborne pollutants. 

What Maintenance Is Required?

Even new AC units need maintenance. In the hot Dubai air, units have to work overtime to keep you cool. They are under a lot more strain than they would be elsewhere, and keeping them working properly can prolong their lifespan for over ten years. 

The most simple ac maintenance procedure you can do is to change the filters. This is where air enters the system, and it easily becomes clogged with dirt and dust. If it stays that way, less air gets in, and the system works harder, with air that does get in being dirty and contaminated. 

Other tasks are best left to the professional handyman, and you should schedule preventative maintenance with your AC supplier in Dubai. They will clean and update the system and notify you of any possible problems before they become a bigger issue and crucially, more expensive. 

When Can It Be Installed and What Is the Cost?

Just because AC suppliers in UAE have provided you with a quote does not mean that they will be able to start immediately. In fact, some seasons get so booked up you may have to wait a while before you begin. If you have a large system to install, fitting it may take even longer. 

Ask what the timescale for installation will be. The job is never a quick process. Ductwork, electricity, and plumbing all need coordination. Big systems may take several days to a week. 

Bear in mind that at this time, significant disruption will occur in the home. It is akin to getting minor building work done, with noise and dust around. As your AC will also be out of use, you may want to relocate while the work takes place. 

When getting a cost, you must understand that it will be broken down into several various components. The first cost is for the AC unit itself and any components you have asked for. You should check which brands they have on offer before signing a contract for installation. 

The second big cost is labor. This will increase depending upon the size and length of time the work takes. Ask if this includes the disposal of old air conditioners or if you have to pay extra. 

Once you have parts an installation, ask for a calculation of the running costs. Add on a charge for preventative maintenance, and you can see how much it will cost per year. 

Finding an AC Supplier in UAE

Now you know the questions to ask an AC supplier in UAE, you need to find the right one. Check online for reviews and ask others who they have used. You are sure to find an efficient, trustworthy company. 

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